A time of transition

We are on our way to our destiny. Transition is the process that takes us there. A transition period is needed to move us slowly but surely from the old to the new. Just as the Israelites experienced in the desert.

And most of the time a transition feels that way too, like being in the desert. The feeling of home is gone, and you are in a strange place in your life.

Once the transition process begins, you will feel uneasy and insecure. Here is trusting God paramount. The transition is intended to free us from old patterns of life and prepare us for the new that God wants to bring into our lives.

During the transition we undergo a transformation! We are moving toward a goal that God has prepared for us.

He discloses this purpose to us and expects us to respond to it. He puts it before us and reminds us of our calling as we see it in Timothy.

 1 Timothy 4:14-15 “Do not neglect the grace that has been given you; you owe it to the prophetic words that the council of elders has pronounced upon you under the laying on of hands. 15Focus on this, make it your own, so that everyone can see that you are making progress.”.”

  • That you grow
  • That you take steps forward
  • That you apply what you have learned

 When God speaks of a time of transition, it means being on the road to a better place. One where we can serve Him better and be better off for the future.

A transition is good because it brings movement into your life. Allow this process and look forward to a great place of divine destiny in your life. Sta dit proces toe en kijk uit naar een geweldige plaats van goddelijke bestemming in je leven.