Since July 2015 , the Levenskracht Gemeente Tilburg has been registered as "Levenskracht Gemeente" at the Chamber of Commerce under number: 63855712 Since July 2015, the Levenskracht Gemeente Tilburg has been registered as "Levenskracht Gemeente" at the Chamber of Commerce under number: 63855712 Our church is registered with the Tax Authorities as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling- Charitable organization), under the name "Levenskracht Gemeente". This means that, under conditions set out by Dutch law, givers/donors are eligible to deduct their donations from their taxable income.

The RSIN number (Tax number) of the Levenskracht Gemeente is: 855429161

Goal of the Levenskracht Gemeente

  • To recognize Christ as almighty Head of the Church over the entire world and to teach the Word of God to all nations.
  • To recognize all true believers as members of the Body of Christ.
  • To emphasize, encourage and promote the Apostolic Mission and establish Churches that are a place of worship of Almighty God; a place that provides Christian fellowship to all persons of the same precious faith and where the Holy Spirit is honored.
  • To assume and share the responsibility of fulfilling the great commission of spreading the Gospel and evangelizing and discipling the Nations (Matthew 28:18).
  • To promote unity of fellowship among the members of the Body of Christ. To establish and maintain church services for the spread of the Gospel and the work described in our statutes.

But also:
Holding meetings; Preaching the Gospel; Performing missionary work and (financial) support of missionary work by third parties; youth and children's work; Conducting Bible studies; Providing pastoral care; Caring for each other in a spiritual and material sense.

Action plan
De actiepunten van het beleidsplan 2023. Dit zijn hierbij de hoofdlijnen:

  • Supporting people in need.
  • Encouraging and training people to reach their Divine destiny.
  • Organizing various men's and women's activities that strengthen the mutual bond between members of the congregation.
  • The annual Church BBQ where everyone is invited to participate and bring people along. God's love and provision is the central theme.
  • Organizing Alpha courses that strengthen people in their relationship with the Lord and give them the opportunity to learn and experience more about God.
  • A Christmas celebration where we invite people from the city to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus with us.
  • Evangelization at home and abroad, for example through the international course Beauty for Ashes.
  • Teaching the Beauty for Ashes course. An inspiring 12-week course for men and women: Who grew up in families where there was a lack of love, affirmation or communication, or where there was a lot of rivalry between them because of being compared with each other; Who grew up in a dysfunctional family, where there was alcohol, medicine and drug abuse; Who have experienced neglect and/or abuse (emotional, physical, or sexual abuse); Those who have been through a divorce or other traumatic experience.

The board of the Levenskracht Gemeente consists of Overseers, who together form the Overseers Council. The chairman of the Overseer Council is the leading Overseer. The leading Overseer has an executive function as a minister, and receives a fee/allowance for his work within the board as a minister for the work in the congregation. The other Overseers receive no remuneration for their work.

Renumeration Policy
Levenskracht Gemeente heeft in 2023 geen personen op de loonlijst en draait primair op vrijwilligers. Het voorgangersechtpaar ontvangt een toelage per maand en een onkostenvergoeding. Deze toelage en onkostenvergoeding is marktconform en in lijn met andere vergelijkbare kerkgenootschappen, met vergelijkbare rollen in andere non-profit organisaties en in lijn met de Nederlandse wet- en regelgeving.

Would you like to donate? Bank account: NL16 RABO 0114 8765 76 Do you have a special destination for your gift? Then state this with your transaction.

Annual Financial figures Levenskracht Gemeente 2021