Church service - Guest speaker Esther Vorsterman van Oijen

Event details

  • Sunday | 2 May 2021
  • 10:30
  • Heyhoef "Wijkcentrum" Kerkenbosplaats 1 5043 RX Tilburg

Esther (1969) is married to Eduard, who comes from the well-known Burning Candles gospel family. Together they are blessed with three beautiful children and live in the heart of the Netherlands. After completing her education in Agogical Work and Psychosocial Therapy, she started working as a coach & trainer and JOP youth worker. She is also active in the church as a pastoral worker, founder of women's groups and prayer work in schools, together with Eduard she was a member of the leadership team and led a home group.

As soon as her children started school, she was offered a job at a Christian children's center Bzzzonder. She started as a pedagogical employee and grew into a location coach and DISC trainer. She worked here for many years with great passion and pleasure, until she made the decision to make her calling her job and become a full-time minister. Not overnight, because twenty years ago she started speaking in services and it didn't stop there.

Esther understands the power of encouragement and wants to be a voice for those who have no voice.
Like her great example Queen Esther of the Bible, she believes that every human being was born for a time like this. You are called to make a difference. The time of silence is over, your voice matters and counts.
With her uplifting message, she encourages you to get up, embrace your royal identity and start doing what you are truly destined to do; to govern! She also wants to pass on this legacy and this royal DNA to the new generation of Esthers, so that they can boldly continue the work in their own way.