What kind of church is the Levenskracht Gemeente?

The Levenskracht Gemeente is a modern evangelical church. This means that we tell an old message in a modern way. Our services are open and accessible to everyone. We want to be a church that takes its place in society, connecting to the experiences of every day life in order to bring people closer to God.

How is the Levenskracht Gemeente run and funded?John and Georgette Engel are the senior pastors of the church. Supported by the Church Growth Team (leadership team), they direct the spiritual and practical ministries of the Levenskracht Gemeente. The church is financed by donations from people who feel a part of the Levenskracht Gemeente. They do that voluntarily.

How can I join the Levenskracht Gemeente?Anyone can be a part of the church. Levenskracht is built on mutual relationships. You simply become part of the church by participating in the meetings and church life.

ServicesIn every meeting, the finished work of Jesus Christ, and God's grace and love for you, is central. We always expect great things from God and believe that He wants to bless, heal and set you free at all times.

This creates an atmosphere where you can just be yourself in your expression to God or others.   “Feel free because God loves you just the way you are!”

Children's serviceDuring the meetings, our enthusiastic children's workers ensure that the children learn, in a playful way, about the stories from the Bible as well as the norms, values ​​and principles that come with it. We see this as extremely important, so that later in life they can blossom into adult Christians with a living relationship with our God.

What else can you expect from us?

Acivities for men and women – Such as the women's meetings and sports activities for men as well as activities for the whole church.

Teenagers – A fun group with a lot of energy. Twice a month they get together to learn in a simple way what God means for their lives.

Bible study – Here the emphasis is on the Word of God and how it applies to our daily lives.

Courses – Here you can learn, for example, how to overcome Depression and Rejection. Other topics include:

– How to Hear the Voice of God – The Spirit-filled Temperament – ​​Healthy and Unhealthy Soul Ties – A Healthy Marriage? Absolutely! – Alpha courses – “Beauty for Ashes” This is a course for men and women who have experienced neglect and/or abuse (emotional, physical or sexual).

Coach-Training – Here you can learn to help other people. This Training is linked to the course “Beauty for Ashes”

After the service there is an opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.